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SponsorMatch also offers offline tailored consultancy services, next to online services, towards organisers and companies that want to optimize their sponsorship policy.

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Services for organisers & societies

You are an organisation and you don't know how to prepare your quest for sponsors? Maybe you are a company struggling with the organisation and marketing communication about your events? Or you might want to optimize your digital marketing strategy? During our "get to know" conversation we'll discuss all your first questions, free of charge!

"Get to know" conversation

How to attract sponsors for your event, organisation, society or sports club? What are the target groups linked to your project or organisation? Sponsors want to be able to read the buyer persona's of your target audience. So it's important to write out a decent sponsorship proposal in combination with a marketing (media) plan. What is the return for your sponsor? Define the right sponsor proposals for the right sponsors embedding brand activations that they might want to use. With SponsorMatch, we prepare your project in detail so Sponsors might show a lot more interest!


  1. How to attract sponsors? Target groups?
  2. Build a professional sponsorship proposal
  3. Set up a sponsorplan vs. ROI towards your potential sponsors
  4. Define your potential lead sponsors - sponsorplan
  5. Optimize your digital channels - digital marketing plan
  6. Define offline and online KPI's for your organisation

Strategic analysis for SME’s

For long term assignments we sit together and discuss the content of the assigment or function description and determine a fix day rate per month, quarter or semester.

Preparation phase

If you'd prefer to be advised about optimizing your marketing communication for your company, or you'd like to optimize your sales on sponsorships or events, including the use and setup of new digital marketing channels, advisory on the use of the right social media channels. Defining the right KPI's is sometimes difficult. With SponsorMatch consultancy you'll find the right answers to your questions and how to manage it.


If you want to receive a non-committal pricing, just send your specific inquiry via email to info@sponsormatch.eu or use the form on this page and we will gladly get back to you with a proposition that meets your needs.

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Services for sponsoring companies

As a sponsor one can significantly boost the visibility of a brand. However, measuring the impact of your investment as a sponsor is something a bit more complex. Measuring the ROI is usually not an easy task, measuring the ROO (Return on objectives), on the other hand, is often something easier.


Setting up a solid sponsor policy within your company is not an easy task. Most companies that become involved with sponsoring usually have a separate department within Marketing and/or Communication in order to follow this process. Often there is also a legal side bound to it (for drawing up the contracts). If you are planning to start with regional or national sponsoring or to optimize your current sponsor policy then it is advisable to recruit someone to do this up close. During this process, it may be interesting to hire a consultant to, first, write out the basic elements of your sponsor strategy together with the marketing director and/or the appointed managers within your company. Then, there can be decided to continue working with a consulting company or to recruit someone fixed to follow this up further. A consulting company can get you started with the internal tools and external measurement agencies in order to manage and to follow up on the sponsoring.

Possibly, you’re looking for sponsoring companies for your event or organization? In that case, you can appeal to a consulting company to optimize your sponsoring proposals and to let them be written by experts. Here too, it is advisable to recruit someone to become the SPOC (single point of contact) with your potential and current sponsors.

Analysis-audit of the current sponsor policy

A good sponsorship starts with detailed analysis and this is not merely based on brand recognition. First of all, it is very interesting to conduct an investigation into the existing sponsorships your business is associated with. Then one considers whether those sponsorships still correspond with the current vision and values of your brand or company.

That way, the existing sponsor policy is clearly drawn and based on a new sponsor plan, the necessary structural adjustments and budgets can be implemented.

In addition, you also receive an overview of the hard (tickets, VIP-arrangements) and soft return (media and visibility) that these sponsorships produce. A lot of companies sponsor an organization, club or event in order to invite their customers to these events in a closed, but friendly environment. If this is one of the most important elements within the sponsor policy, one can choose to increase the hospitality return by negotiating again at a next edition.

Sponsor plan based on objectives (ROO/ROI)

A good sponsor plan consists of several aspects such as, for example, the emotional message that it wants to convey to build a bridge to specific target groups. The main objective of a business is in most cases to sell more products and generate more sales.

However, we need to think of the purchase of a product as an action in the middle or at the end of the sales funnel, while sponsoring within the marketing-mix should actually be placed at the top of that funnel (or as ' caring factor '/ambassador function at the very bottom of the sales funnel after the purchase was made). That is why it is so difficult to measure the ROI of sponsoring.

Through digital marketing, this has become a bit easier. Cookies now allow tracing from where the process of purchase has begun. But what if the trigger of the search for your company was not started with a simple search on Google, but with an encounter of the prospect with your brand on a sponsored event? This is obviously very difficult to determine.

Often, the name recognition or awareness of the brand as a sponsor is being pushed forward, this is called ROO. If one can increase the reputation of a company or brand, potential customers will be more tempted to think of your brand first for their next purchase. Sponsoring really does have an impact on sales, but it is difficult to measure this. Suppose you put up an action at an event where you have the visitors informed and/or registered via your website. This way you can easily measure the impact on conversions, linked to an objective, during or right after the action.

Sponsor effects measurement

There do exist some ways to measure the impact of a sponsor deal. Such a measurement maps out the effects of marketing actions and the linked sponsor deals as good as possible. Often these measurements are linked to the dates when the brand came into view through various media channels and how much the value would be if you had to pay for this media. Thus, one can kind of measure the profitability of the investment.

In addition, regular surveys are conducted to measure the TOM (Top of Mind) notoriety with fans, visitors, supporters, ... and the rating that they give to your brand associated with a time curve: mostly before (= zero measurement), during and after the sponsored event. There may also be surveyed within different target groups, to measure how one experiences the link to the sponsored activity in terms of relevance and whether one would be willing to buy products of your brand in the near future, in other words, to what extent can the found effects be contributed to the sponsoring?

This allows you to gain insight in the final sponsorfit (the extent to which the brand and the sponsor object fit together?) and as a company, you can decide whether you want to continue and optimize the sponsor action or stop according to the result.

B2C or B2B?

To sponsor B2C sponsor objects often goes much wider and is more difficult to measure than to sponsor B2B sponsor objects. With consumers one can measure the ROI of a sponsorship provided that the action is thought out in advance. This way, you can give, for example consumers who visit a festival, a discount linked to that festival. Afterwards you can then measure how many consumers used the discount. But obviously, you don’t measure all factors. Maybe that visitor was already a customer and you haven’t made any new customers?

With B2B or business leads one can calculate the ROI much easier. When a business contact visits your stand on a specialized exhibition you can register him. After talking, the sales people usually make a lead sheet on which some questions are indicated, the visitor wants an answer to these questions after his visit. Through lead scores, the main contacts are contacted first and possible orders or contracts as a result, are associated with that specific exhibition. (Provided that those contacts in the CRM system will actually be linked to the event) After that, it is perfectly possible to calculate what the participation as a sponsor of the event costs (including costs during the event, such as the stand, promotion, etc.) and to map out what deals are established during the event.


If you want to receive a non-committal pricing, just send your specific inquiry via email to info@sponsormatch.eu or use the form on this page and we will gladly get back to you with a proposition that meets your needs.

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