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How it works

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  2. How it works

1. Create an online profile of your event or sponsorproject

You log in with your preferred social account, or with your email and password, and in a quick and easy way you'll be able to create your eventprofile, goal or project that you want use to look out for potential sponsors.

In addition it's best to add a short event description and make your profile more attractive by adding a nice picture and/or logo. Uploading a short video could trigger more interest to your potential sponsors!

1. Create an online profile of your event or sponsorproject

2. Define your sponsorpacks, provide as much information as possible and receive gifts

After creating your profile you proceed in the same way to create your sponsorpack(s). Hereby you simply describe what you can offer your potential sponsors in return for supporting your project..

You can add as a many sponsorpackages as you want and make each sponsorpack more interesting for potential sponsors by diversifying them in different types and pricing.

Optionally you can choose to be able to receive donations, or gifts, out of sympathy between 25 and 2500 EUR.

Our pro pack organisation can also update the sponsorcontracts to their specific needs.

3. Start selling your sponsorpacks and receive gifts

Sponsors can pick any sponsorpack they like, go through possible extra conditions like the length of contract and continue with the payment.

All payments are handled as secure as possible and all funds, minus the SponsorMatch fee, are transfered immediately onto your bank account.

After payment all parties instantly get an email containing the automagically generated contract & invoices or receipts based on the chosen options. All this info stays available in the dashboard of the organisation.

Direct transfer of funds on your bankaccount

SponsorMatch uses the Connect platform by Stripe to securely handle the payments and fund transfering. This requires us to collect some data from you as an organiser. You'll only interact with our platform and we handle the financial details behind the scene.

Payment is possible with Bancontact, iDeal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For our professional users it's also possible to get paid by electronic transfer or Sepa direct debit.

  • Bancontact
  • iDeal
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Powered by Stripe

Promoting your sponsor packages & sponsors on social media and your own website

Promoting your sponsorpacks through shocial media has never been so easy. Just copy paste the link on your favorite network and let your members, fans and others share it through theirs. This ensures that your events are getting maximum visibility.

Listing your current sponsors and available sponsorpacks on your own website is easy using our simple embed codes that come with instructions on how-to install.

Setup your sponsorproject

Promote your sponsor projects digitally through social media

Create sponsor packages and sell online or via mailings

Automation of sending out invoices and contracts

Manage your sponsordeals and receive donations

Integrate a sponsorpack webshop on your own website

Receive supporting tips & tricks on how to seek sponsorships

Read our tips & tricks about sponsorships

Visit our knowledge center blog

Some popular questions

What is SponsorMatch ?

SponsorMatch is a match-making marketplace for sponsorships. It brings organisers and sponsors closer together and operates as a mash-up between a funding- and dating platform for organisers and companies in their quest for interesting, well defined audience targeted sponsoring opportunities.

What can SponsorMatch do for you as an organizer of events or your society?

SponsorMatch offers you a helicopter view through a central platform where you can easily manage and follow-up your sponsor deals.

Why use SponsorMatch?

SponsorMatch is a simple, easy and quick online tool/platform to create your own sponsor packages with an easy overview for potential sponsors using helpful tags.

What is Stripe?

The integrated payment provider system Stripe (https://stripe.com) combines a quick approval and looks after your payments of your sponsor deals.

Can I also sell sponsor packages through my own website?

SponsorMatch easily integrates your sponsor packages effectively on your own website and through your own social media channels by using the embedded HTML code.

Is SponsorMatch the right tool for me?

SponsorMatch (online platform) is the right tool for you if your event or sponsor project is on a small or medium scale.

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About SponsorMatch

SponsorMatch is a match-making marketplace for all sponsorships. We value each sponsorship project and think that every project or event deserves to find the right sponsors. SponsorMatch is designed to make it easier for organisers and sponsorship project owners to sell their sponsor packages online by using social media. It’s also a gateway that provides the right tools to make the sponsorship selling proces easier and faster. These tools facilitate the project owners to manage their sponsor packages, related contracts and invoices. Sponsors can easily search and filter for events and projects based on their target group interests. Read more..

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