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What are the benefits and concerns of sponsoring local societies by local companies?

Every local sports club, hobby club or student society can keep up their existence due to the fact that they receive subsidies or are granted gifts out of sympathy and earn income by asking membership fees etc. So in short, sometimes they really depend on the goodwill of local companies to gain more financial security for the existence of their society. Still, today sponsoring is still a very important key factor for these societies. If you know that the government is granting less and less subsidies, sponsoring is becoming one of the main important channels of income for the existence of these local societies!

.. you will easier accept to believe that a product is good, healthy or tastier if you receive this info from a family member or best friend rather than accept to believe the message that was brought to you by the companies’ advertisements itself.

Kurt Cosijns Written by Kurt Cosijns.

Kurt has build up more than 10 years of experience in the world of sponsoring & events, marketing & communication. Kurt is in daily contact with the organisers and sponsors on the SponsorMatch platform.
  • 01/01/2018
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Last reviewed on 01/01/2018 by SponsorMatch

.. you will easier accept to believe that a product is good, healthy or tastier if you receive this info from a family member or best friend rather than accept to believe the message that was brought to you by the companies’ advertisements itself.

Sponsorships are much too often associated with big companies and big media campaigns, but a lot of interesting sponsor projects, events or societies are often forgotten in their own hometown or community … it’s a pity, knowing that these projects could be very interesting sponsoring targets for local and even regional companies. 

Actually, you could easily fractionate sponsorships in 3 categories : local sponsorships, regional sponsorships and (inter)national sponsorships. Depending on the type of sponsor project and/or society that supports this, the interest of some companies could be bigger than you would think of. For them, it’s very important to define the target group of the event itself. If this target group joins the activities and/or values of their company that will be the target group that they are looking for and the chances are big that they want to invest in this opportunity to reach out to this target group through your event or sponsor project. 

Little societies, clubs or local projects really do make a chance to obtain the interest of certain companies (especially local ones) to gather a nice amount of sponsorship fees and so, not only by the local small merchants! Nowadays we (still) get flushed away by billboards and advertising on the TV, advertising banners on the internet, brochures in our postal mailbox, etc. – But that’s oldskool, certain (especially younger) generations are not reachable by these advertising channels anymore … they have learned how to block , exterminate or avoid these ‘disturbing’ commercial messages in their environment. 

Think about the millions of people that are already using ad-blockers online or installed them on their mobile phones. Even if you watch television digitally, you ignore the advertising or you fast forward the advertising clips, don’t you? That’s why all these television channels that were focusing on the younger target groups are being shut down … Youngsters follow their idols on YouTube … so, online and through social media!

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