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Festival Collaboratif Un-Mute - may 3rd

Festival Collaboratif Un-Mute - may 3rd

  • All ages 18+
  • 500 Visitors
  • Music events & festivals
  • Indoor music festival
  • Other
  • Age: 16 - 54
  • Paid entrance
  • Public event
  • 50% - 50%
Festival Collaboratif Un-Mute - may 3rd


Un-Mute is a music live performance production platform, based on a crowdfunding system. Tickets are sold, until a minimum threshold. If the threshold is reached, the event is organized. If it is not reached, people are entirely reimbursed. next event will take place on may the third, in Louvain-la-Neuve

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4 belgian artists are working together to gather the necessary public to confirm this event.

The campaign run from february the 11th until march the 12th. The goal is 260 people. Which means that, in case of validation, there will be at least 260 people coming to the show. It is a way to help artists in a promotion exercice at a real live level.

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Un-Mute is a music live performance production platform, based on a crowdfunding system

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