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As a company you probably get a lot of requests to support lots of nice, good initiatives of sportclubs, youthclubs and even social initiatives financially, but most of the time these projects do not match your sponsoring standards or company values for the full 100%.

That’s why you have to reject these projects over and over again and send them a negative response.. With SponsorMatch everybody wins! By referring to SponsorMatch en forwarding all your sponsoring requests towards SponsorMatch you create a positive story throughout the whole year.

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Benefits of becoming a partner

Spread the positive vibe

As a partner of SponsorMatch you can hearten up all these organisers of these initiatives by offering them a platform where they can gain all the info and tools they need to still find extra financial support. This way your company is supporting all organizations and events in all sectors of these associations to look further for extra funding.

Support sports, culture, innovation and entrepreneurship

Lots of sponsorprojects can be seen as start-ups or entrepreneurs. Invigorate your social awareness and encourage this entrepreneurship as a company supporting good citizenship that has an eye for Sports, Culture, Innovation and entrepreneurship by generating exclusive online traffic towards your own website through our portal, newsletters and direct emails.

Get more & better exposure

As a partner, you’ll get access to a portal that not only attracts entrepreneurial target groups, but also attracts students, non-profit organizations, sports clubs, etc. You can then set up a cultural and/or relationship marketing by tuning in on these target groups with a balanced and incisively media campaign related to the SponsorMatch concept.

Carry out good citizenship towards sports clubs, students and societies

Support sports, culture, innovation and entrepreneurship

Promote your sponsored product or brand activations through windeals

Manage sponsordeals and contracts quick and easy

Save on expenses for filter software for sponsor demands and internal FTE’s

Look for sponsoring opportunities that match with your corporate identity

Interested in becoming a partner?

Of course we offer a lot of efforts from our side, next to the positive story, to make this engagement succsesful for everybody.

Therefore, you can find our own partnership formulasdescribed in our partnerdossier. Would you like to receive the sponsordossier? Please complete the form and we'll send you a digital version!

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SponsorMatch is a match-making marketplace for all sponsorships. We value each sponsorship project and think that every project or event deserves to find the right sponsors. SponsorMatch is designed to make it easier for organisers and sponsorship project owners to sell their sponsor packages online by using social media. It’s also a gateway that provides the right tools to make the sponsorship selling proces easier and faster. These tools facilitate the project owners to manage their sponsor packages, related contracts and invoices. Sponsors can easily search and filter for events and projects based on their target group interests. Read more..

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