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A "Win Deal" is always organised by one of the partners of SponsorMatch BVBA, hereafter called "the Organiser" . SponsorMatch only offers the digital platform (https://sponsormatch.be/.eu) towards his partners to promote these online "win deal" activations.

The organiser will always mention their own terms of play for the brand activation contest module in the tab "Terms of play". For more information about the vision of the sponsor and how you can win the prize you can also check and read the other tabs called "How you can win" and "Detailed Sponsorvision" provided by the organiser. Read these terms of the organiser attentively because it gives you a good indication on how your sponsor project might be picked as a prize winner. These brand activation contest(s) modules are no lotteries. You don’t get picked by random. Winning projects are carefully picked based on relevance and originality, the rules and conditions of SponsorMatch and the terms of play of the organiser. So the winner of the prize (whether it is a financial moneyprize or a brand activation prize) will be chosen by a professional jury ( a jury that consist of members of SponsorMatch and/or the organiser, partner of SponsorMatch or a combination of both parties) that determines if your project has the best match with the brand identity and the company of the organiser, as well as the brand activation campaign of the organiser.

Article 1: The Brand activation win deals always take place via SponsorMatch.be/.eu or via a link on the website of the organiser. The length of the duration of this contest will be determined by the organiser and is mentioned in the brand activation contest module. The organiser maintains the right to change the beginning and end date of the contest or to shorten or extend the duration of the contest. The organiser has also the right to lower or ante up the amount or change the value of the prize or the prize product itself whenever this is needed (with reservation of availability, also read article 4)

Article 2: Participating in the brand activation partner contest or so called "Win Deals" can only via the pre-mentioned website (https://sponsormatch.be/.eu) or via a clickthrough link on the website(s) of the organising partner(s) and their linked social media accounts, as well as the social media accounts of SponsorMatch BVBA. Only major adults, competent natural persons who live in Europe (unless the organiser mentiones in the Terms of Play that the contest is only valid in a specific country) can enter the competition if, and only if, their society or corporate organisation is fully registered on the digital SponsorMatch platform. The address of the society or corporate organisation also needs to be founded in Europe, unless mentioned otherwise in the terms of play of the organiser. A society or corporate organisation can only participate once per brand activation contest (win deal) per partner and thus can only win 1 time per contest. The amount of possible winners wil be mentioned in the terms of play of the organiser. If the amount of winners is not mentioned, it will be automatically be set to 1 winner.

Article 3: Each contestant has to answer two questions via the contest module. The first question (sponsor question) will be an informative (relevancy) or knowledge question of the organiser. (who will act as a sponsor). The answer on this question will partially determine how the jury will make his choice if it is a question about the relevancy about your sponsor project (f.i. how will you integrate the brand of the organiser at your event?). If it’s a knowledge question with only one possible correct answer then the contestant needs to fill in the correct answer to be able to win the prize. In this last case there is only one correct answer possible. Besides de first question the contestant also needs to answer a second tiebreaker question (f.i. How many unique contestants will take part in the competition during the given duration of the contest?)

Article 4: The prize* : per brand activation contest module there’s only 1 prize to win. The retail value (in case of a product prize) or a money prize is mentioned in that contest module. The value of it will be determined by the organiser.

* With reservation of availability and together with the other rules and conditions determined in the terms of play of the organiser the prize will be granted to the contestant who formulated the most relevant answer on the first question that’s fits the brand identity of the sponsor at it’s best (if it was an informative relevancy question towards the potential sponsor.) and thus leans the closest towards the sponsor vision of the organiser. Or, if the first question was a knowledge question, the contestant has filled out the only correct possible answer and delivers also the correct or closest answer to the tiebreaker question. The tiebreaker question is only valuable if there is more than one contestant who gave the correct answer to the first question, so to determine who is the actual prize winner. In case of a tied outcome on the competition, the prize will be designated and given priority towards the contestant of whom the organisation has received their participation first. Of course the winner(s) must comply to all the rules and conditions of SponsorMatch and the Terms of Play of the organiser, if not the prize will be granted to the next in line with a valid participation.

Article 5: The winner(s) will be notified by email after the contest. If they won a product prize they can pick up their prize at the pick-up address mentioned in the email. Or, if it is a money prize, the organiser will deposit the amount on the bank account of the related society or corporate organisation. During the handover of the product prize or money prize (cardboard cheque gift) there can be taken a picture that can be used on the Facebook-page or other social media accounts of the organiser of the contest or on the social media accounts of SponsorMatch BVBA. Every contestant excepts that –if he’s pointed out as the prize winner- his name, prize and picture can be used and published in the context of the announcement of the winner of that contest. If the winner does not answer the notifying email within 7 days, the organiser can choose another winner for the prize.

Article 6: The organiser can not be held responsible in any circumstance for receiving wrong data or data that leads towards a wrong or unknown (e)mail address or whatsoever.

Article 7: The won prizes can not be traded for other products, services or money by the organiser. The prizes can contain specific terms (of use) and conditions (such as periods, validity,..)

Article 8: Contestants are expected to have taken knowledge of the content of the rules and conditions of the win deals and the terms of play of the organiser and formally except these. Taken part in the contest implies also that the contestant(s) unconditionally except these rules and conditions and terms of play. There is no contestation possible otherwise with these terms.

Article 9: In addition to these rules and conditions and the separate terms of play there won’t be given further information about the contest, neither by telephone calls, neither by written communication, except the conditions mentioned in article 5.

Article 10: These Rules and conditions can be consulted via the link on the website of SponsorMatch.be/.eu or via the link on the website(s) of the organising partner of SponsorMatch.

Article 11: The organiser reserves the right to cancel the brand activation contest module (or also called "Win deal") at any time in case of force majeure or if there has happened an incident beyond the goodwill of the organiser , giving the contestants no opportunity to claim compensation.

Article 12: If SponsorMatch BVBA or the organiser decides to cancel the contest (partner of sponsormatch) in case of force majeure or if there has happened an incident beyond their goodwill, the organiser nor SponsorMatch BVBA can be held responsible for possible effects after that decision. The liability of both parties can not be invoked by technical problems of any kind in that matter (f.i. problems with internet connection). The organiser also reserves the right to cancel the contest without having to communicate this up front. A plain statement on the website will be suffice.

Article 13: Complaints about the contest must be sent at least 10 working days before the end of the contest by registered mail towards SponsorMatch BVBA, mentioning the designated brand activation contest module and the organiser of that contest. SponsorMatch will then transfer the complaint towards the organiser. The address where you can send your complaints to is : Leliestraat 1, 9552 Borsbeke, België (EU). Verbal complaints or complaints by phone wil not be treated as well as written complaints that were not received within 10 working days before the end of the contest.

Article 14: The organiser as well as SponsorMatch are responsible for the processing of the private (personal) data of the contestants, that is used for the progress during and after the contest. The organiser and SponsorMatch can use these data, communicated by the contestant, for Marketing purposes if contestant has given his consent by accepting the rules and conditions. The contestants can oppose to this use of their data. For further information about the processing of private (personal) data and attached rights linked to this data, the contestants are expected to have taken notice of the privacy rules that are mentioned on the website of SponsorMatch. (https://sponsormatch.eu/en/disclaimer-and-privacy)

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SponsorMatch is a simple, easy and quick online tool/platform to create your own sponsor packages with an easy overview for potential sponsors using helpful tags.

What is Stripe?

The integrated payment provider system Stripe (https://stripe.com) combines a quick approval and looks after your payments of your sponsor deals.

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SponsorMatch easily integrates your sponsor packages effectively on your own website and through your own social media channels by using the embedded HTML code.

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SponsorMatch (online platform) is the right tool for you if your event or sponsor project is on a small or medium scale.

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